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6 de Novembro de 2014

This is an amazing application where you will find everything related to Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT). Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

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At the moment the aplication is only in English. It will be available in Spanish also in the near future.
These are the images that are included in the ENT Miniatlas iPhone / iPad application:
ENT Anatomy and Physiology
The upper airway
Nasal cavity, bony structure
Nasal cavity, mucosal level 
Blood supply to the nose
Nasal physiology 
The olfactory epithelium
The olfactory pathway 
Anatomy of the paranasal sinuses 
Anatomy of the oropharynx 
The palatine tonsils 
Structure of Waldeyer's ring 
Anatomy of the larynx, anterior and posterior view
Anatomy of the larynx, sagittal section
The vocal cords 
Anatomy of the ear 
The external ear
The middle ear 
The inner ear 
Nerve supply to the ear
Cochlear duct 
Organ of Corti 
Physiology of audition 
Vestibular labyrinth, utricle and saccule 
Physiology of balance
Protective mechanisms of the respiratory epithelium 1 
Protective mechanisms of the respiratory epithelium 2

ENT common diseases
Common infectious agents affecting the ENT
Infectious rhinitis
Non-infectious rhinitis 
Nasal respiratory insufficiency syndrome 
Sinusitis complications
Nasal polyposis
Adenoid hyperplasia and adenoiditis
Acute tonsillitis 
Acute epiglottitis
Benign laryngeal tumors 
Laryngeal cancer
External ear disorders
Acute otitis media
Forms of acute otitis media
Chronic otitis media with cholesteatoma
Allergic diseases
General concept of respiratory allergy
Environmental allergens
Allergens and induction of IgE production 
Mast cells and their mediators 
Prostaglandins and leukotrienes
Eosinophils in the allergic response 
Respiratory mucosa in allergy
Evolution of allergic diseases (The allergic march)
Allergic rhinitis, triggering factors
Intermittent allergic rhinitis 
Persistent allergic rhinitis 
Allergic rhinitis-associated co-morbidities
Impact of allergic rhinitis in the development of asthma (ARIA)

Inner ear disorders
Labyrinth diseases
Pathophysiology of vertigo 
Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo
Ménière's disease

Fonte: Apps ec-europe

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