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5 de Novembro de 2014

Free ENT Handbook app is useful for otolaryngology residents

The Apple App Store is full of thousands of medical apps.

However, a brief search revealed that there is only a tiny handful of apps dedicated to the specialty of otolaryngology or ENT.

One of the standout apps is ENT Handbook, an app designed to provide useful specialty specific information for otolaryngology residents and trainees.

Developed by a team from Australia, the information and content contained in this app is directly relevant to the day-to-day management of these patients.

ENT Handbook is a simple text based app which has four main options: Airway Concerns, Resident Duties, Common Operations and Common Emergencies.

This app does not intend to replace a textbook; however, it is the same vein as MD on Call which is to be a go-to resource for common questions and treatments.

The Airway Concerns section gives some useful advice about specifically managing ENT patients with airway difficulties. This includes management for tracheostomy or post-thyroid surgery.

This is helpful if confronted with a patient and you are unsure what to do. The common resident duties section details the usual tasks that you may be expected to do on your rotation. The learning objectives section is particularly helpful if you want to maximize your learning opportunities during your rotation.

The Common Operations section contains a wealth of information related to operations (sectioned by General/Otology/Nasal Surgery) and contains an outline of the operation, indications, contraindications, and 'must do' tasks.

Many junior residents and trainees may find this information particularly useful as they get to grips with the specialty. Other standard information provided with each operation is logistics, risks to discuss, post-operative care and discharge orders.

The Common Emergencies section details the acute management of a range of ENT specific conditions such as mastoiditis. The actual user interface is relatively simplistic, though, this is not a huge problem. There are a number of features that could enhance the overall utility of this app such as a search function or the inclusion of images.

One of the main concerns regarding this app is the lack of cited evidence for the recommendations. Here at iMedicalApps, we are strong believers that medical apps should always cite their sources to ensure that users can trust the information. The only evidence given in this app is the section on drug medication.


  • Free


  • Range of useful clinical day-to-day information
  • Good description of management details associated with common ENT operations

Dislikes/Future updates

  • Basic user interface with no search functionality
  • No evidences to support information


  • Despite the somewhat basic user interface and layout, ENT handbook contains a wealth of information which is directly useful to the average otolaryngology resident. The description of common operations and emergencies will help provide the foundations from which trainees can build a more detailed knowledge framework.

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iMedicalApps Recommended

  • Yes

Intended Audience

  • Junior doctors
  • Residents
  • Medical students

Rating: 3.5/5

  • User Interface: 2/5
  • Multimedia Usage: 1/5
  • Price: 5/5
  • Real World Applicability: 5/5

Fonte: iMedicalApps
Autor: Tom Lewis, Editor, iMedicalApps.com

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